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Welcome to the Vasana Takeshita world !

Do you want to try cooking Thai foods while staying in Bangkok? Are you interested in Thai foods? If yes, here is the best teacher and placefor you. Mrs. Vasana Takeshita, a famous is very popular as a Thai cuisine expert, can teach you all about Thai cooking. Her cooking school, Baan Vasana, is an ideal place for you to learn Thai cooking in Japanese.Her working experience in Japan over twenty years has made her a reliable teacher that you can communicate in Japanese. Baan Vasana is the place to go!

Please join our gourmet tour to experience the real local delicacies that you find nowhere else.


Thai cookingcuisine expert

Mrs. Who is Mrs. Vasana Takeuchifs profile:?She is got married to a Japanese man and has lived in at Tokyofor more than 20 years.Since 1989, she started Thai cooking lessonsclassed at home and became she was getting popular onthrough TV programs and magazines.Sshe also taught Thai cooking at several schools in Japan, such as Seibu community college, Asahi culture center and Hattori Gakuen.Currently, Sshe moved back her base to Bangkok and now teaches many lessonsexpands her carrier energetically..She is also known as an author of gThai cooking by Vasanah and gThai cooking with seasonal foodstuffsh published by Bunka Shuppan Kyoku.

A detailed profile, please refer to here. See a profile

CLetfs chat with Mrs. Vasana Takeshita about Thai foods!
EIt is held every Saturday, from 22 ofclock in Japanese time. If Mrs. Vasana is not available, can not join the chat, we will inform you in advance.
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Wonderful gourmet and shopping tour
Wonderful gourmet & shopping tour

Mrs. Vasana Takeshitafs choice selected! Unique and exciting tour

1Exciting experience at a noodle stall

6:30 Get togetherMeet at Baan Vasana, then a guide will take you to a noodle stall and explain what to do.

7:00 Preparation, then start help selling noodles.

12:00 Lunch.Try noodles.

15:00 TLetfs take photos at the end of the tour.

The staffs at the noodle stall will teach you how to cook noodles and what kinds of noodles they have.

They will also teach you You can also learn how to serve customers using simple Thai words.

One person: 2,700 THB

3,800 THB for a group with more than two person (1,900 THB per person)

E The guide who can speak English will take care of you all day.
E Transportation from Baan Vasana to the noodle stall is included.

For mMore details, please click here.

Thai Cooking Album
Naam Gyo (2006/12/19)
naam gyo
Nuu Op (2006/12/19)
Nuu Op


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